12 January 2005

I created an archive page today. The 2004 Chirstmas holiday info has been moved. I am thinking about adding an online photo album page. hmm...
05 December 2004

All of the cats have a picture on their page now. Thir first batch of Christmas pictures are up now too.
30 November 2004

Yesterday, I added the 'work' & 'MS150' pages to the site. Come back soon to see the cats' page (early next week, I hope).
02 July 2004

aaronjacks.com is online! I've been very busy at work, so I have had a placeholder page on my site for about 6 months. This site is not finished by any means, but this is a start.

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Group Pic

Miguel and Alice invited Camellia and I to the rodeo on Friday. Pat Green was the musical artist - good show.

Rodeo Clown

None of the cowboys were able to stay on the bull for 8+ seconds, so I guess the clown won.

Calf Scramble

The calf scramble is always fun to watch. Send 28 kids after 14 calves, and see who gets tired first.

Homebrew - "Kegerator"

This is the kegerator I made from a wine bottle refrigerator. There is a long story behind the creation of this machine, but I will need to complete that later.

Homebrew - Batch #3

This is my third batch of homebrewed beer. The picture on the left is of the wort being chilled so that it would be cool enough to add the yeast.

The style is India Pale Ale, over-hopped with Goldings and Cascade hops, with wildflower honey added to bring the specific gravity (and alcohol content) up.

My first batch was an excellent India Pale Ale, and the second batch was an Oktoberfest which spoiled because I took too long to bottle it.

The picture to the left is of the beer immediately after it was transferred into the secondary fermenter.

Keg system

This batch of beer will be my first batch served from home-filled kegs. My pressure system is similar to the one in this picture. I will upload an image of the completed system next week.

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