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12 January 2005

I will be converting this page to the new 'box style' page soon. Lucky has moved outside, and she is enjoying the friendly squirrels and possums in the back yard. Hungry has been going in and out - he can't decide if he want's to live inside or outside!
02 December 2004

Today the kittys have their own page again. Their first web page was my first attempt at a web page. If you look hard enough, you may be able to find their old web page on the Internet.

Lucky playing with lights


Lucky was helping Camellia decorate the Christmas tree. Lucky got her name because she would have been a mouser if I had not rescued her on Easter Day several years ago.

Cracker laying on the tree skirt


Cracker was also helping Camellia decorate the Christmas tree. Cracker is called cracker because when I asked Adam for help with her name he thought that she was lighter-colored than she really is. Cracker was rescued from a cage.

Kitten sitting by the door


Kitten is our only cat who doesn't have a sob story. She was the runt of her litter though, and was born on Good Friday (Friday the 13th!)

Hungry on a wreath


Hungry could not resist the urge to help Camellia decorate the wreath. Hungry got his name because we heard him outside the patio door at our old apartment, and when we opened the door to give hime some food, he invited himself in.

Tiger playing with a toy


Tiger is our biggest cat, but that doesn't stop him from playing like a kitten. Tiger was rescued from the SPCA as part of a two-for-one special.

Grace on the floor


Grace is our favorite one-eyed cat. Not long after she came home with us from the SPCA (as part of a two-for-one special), she developed a bad haze in her left eye. The vets at the SPCA had to remove the eye because she could have lost sight in both of her eyes.

Big Kitty in a backpack

Big Kitty

Big Kitty was the first cat that Camellia and I rescued from the SPCA. His name was Prince when we rescued him, so he is also known as "The kitty formerly known as Prince."

Last Update: 12 January 2005